Cloud Tool to Run SQL on Oracle Cloud ERP & HCM

  • “Superb tool for data model creation in OTBI, reduced effort by 70% for my AR Aging Reports!”

  • “This tool enabled me to better interact with Oracle Support and rapidly respond to user issues”
  • “Using schema release comparison gave me insight in preparing for new releases and bug fixing”

What is sqlXtract?

Cloud Based

sqlXtract allows users to connect to Fusion Cloud Applications and query the database using sql. Built on the Cloud using Oracle technologies, using a modern architecture, sqlXtract is fast, secure and built on Oracle for use with Oracle SaaS Fusion.

User Interface

The User Interface is modeled on familiar tools to developers, with the Monaco text editor, offering a seamless experience and an easy fit into the OTBI report development lifecycle. sqlXtract allows each ERP/HCM connection to use a different colour theme. Quickly highlighting to the user through the use of colour, to which  ERP/HCM instance they are connected.

Feature Rich

Feature rich with user options to control data presentation, allowing sorting, single record views, exports to MS excel and control over formatting. Options for Date and Time presentation such as DD-MM-YY hh:mm-ss are available to facilitate analysis.

Use Anywhere

sqlXtract is modelled to be used from anywhere and offers execution history and save functionality so that valuable sql statements can be retained and are available wherever you are and for any environment need to connect to. No Data is stored in the system while saved sql can be inserted into the text editor easily, as the query is refined.

Syntax Highlighting

The syntax highlighting & line numbering make the query readable and the availability of themes enables the developer to select what works for them. During sql refinements, the short cuts to execute selected or the code on the current line, are available to add speed to process.

Release Comparison

Testers and Support analysts can compare schemas between Fusion Releases.  This can be used to preempt impacts and support issues arising from changes made to the database as part of updates.

Oracle Apex

Because sqlXtract is built on the Oracle Apex platform it has a coherent and feature rich UI. All secured under the Apex Security model, supplemented with 2 factor authentications.

Schema Browser

Incorporating a schema browser offers the developer to describe the objects to verify field names and easily link to the Oracle source documentation at the click of a button for the selected database table or view.

SAAS Fusion Versions

The SaaS Fusion version is understood by sqlXtract and changes to tables and views from version to version can be identified. This feature enables a developer to quickly identify issues that are introduced to OTBI reports by the Oracle update, as well as being able to identify all changes to facilitate improvements to existing reports.


Link to Oracle Documentation

2 Phase Authentication

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Separates Fusion Versions

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sqlXtract walk thru video


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