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About our subscriptions

We use Billsby to manage your subscription and payments. Solution250 & sqlXtract are trading names/brands of CB ConsultingWA registered in Australia.

If you opt for a professions(single) subscription, you can take advantage of the 5 day trial period during which you can cancel your subscription using the manage subscription button and no charges will be made. After the trial period you will be charged for 1 month less 5 days and in subsequent months the full monthly fee. For all subscriptions: charging is performed on the anniversary of your subscription & cancellation is via the manage subscriptions button.

If you cancel, your access to sqlXtract will be stopped immediately. The minimum charge period is 1 cycle/month so no refund for unused days will be received.
Your account with sqlXtract will be retained, so all your saved sql and instance configuration will remain available if you resubscribe.

When you click the subscribe button you will be need to choose which of the 3 plans for sqlXtract is right for you.

# Plan Name Description Suitability
1 Professional(Single) Single Seat with 2 non editable instance URLs once configured. This subscription would suit an employee who works with the same instances on an ongoing basis. For example, the Production and Test instances. You can use this subscription to take advantage of the trial period.
2 Professional(Multiple) Multiple Seat with 2 non editable instance URLs once configured. This subscription model caters for consultants who work with several clients or an organisation who purchases several seats on behalf of it’s employees.
3 Enterprise Multiple seats with unlimited reconfigurable instance connections. This subscription model would be suitable for consultants, projects and organisations who require flexible instance connectivity.
Seats can be assigned (and reassigned) to users and each user can create multiple instance connections.
Volume Discounts for Enterprise Subscriptions Volume (1-5) Discount 0%
Volume (6-10) Discount 5%
Volume (11-20) Discount 7.5%
Volume (20+) Discount 10%

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